R1.134 Station Design and Customer Experience: New Approaches, New Productivity

Successful railway station design underpins the safe access to and efficient use of services by commuters and their level of trip satisfaction. Rail operators across the nation are searching for ways to upgrade railway stations economically to deliver enjoyable travel experiences to their customers. To improve the image, design and architectural functions of new and redeveloped railway stations, rail operators must research passenger movements, safety and security and internal circulation. This project follows on from an earlier CRC scoping project which developed draft ‘principles’ for station design.

Project Status:

Guidelines and principles for the design and configuration of urban passenger railway stations have been developed from research on historical examples including outstanding terminus designs. These guidelines are based on Australian and international best practices, industry and expert interviews and case studies. They clarify the principles of station design and include proven examples for life-cycle maintenance and environmental best practice. Modular construction is also considered as a means of implementing design particularly for suburban and non-terminus stations which have limited budget priority.


The creation of guidelines and principles will support rail operators to achieve better customer service, improve the customer experience, increase patronge and support cost-effective station designs for Australian railway networks.