R2.113 Simulator Scenarios for Accelerated Training #1: Capturing and condensing route knowledge acquisition opportunities


There is an increasing need within the rail industry to train drivers faster and more effectively in order to reduce training time and costs. There is a major focus on route knowledge and the need to develop an understanding of route conditions for the train driving task. Determining the route conditions that drivers need to be exposed to is an important part of developing more advanced training to enhance driver competency.


The objective of this project is to produce a greater understanding of how drivers acquire route knowledge. This information can be used by industry partners to improve their route knowledge acquisition programs and can then be used in future projects in the research program to develop simulator-based training scenarios that can increase driver competency and reduce training time. This knowledge can also be used to enhance current in-cab information systems.


This project will develop a suite of scenarios for accelerated competency in future training projects and a comprehensive literature review on this topic.


The benefits of this research will be the ability to accelerate training, deliver an improved driver competency and reduced time and costs of training. This will occur through improved design and evaluation of effective training for train drivers. The value of enhanced information systems is in improving the operational effectiveness of the drivers while reducing the potential for these technologies to be rejected by the drivers.