P4.113 Rail Incident Investigator Training and Competency Framework

The activation of the National Safety Regulator office has led to the identification of the need for a uniform national standard for teaching staff who will be carrying out the regulator’s duties across Australia. The CRC project brings together various rail industry safety agencies, in collaboration with education providers, to develop the framework for Rail Safety Investigators Competence Training which is aligned with the Australian Qualification Framework level four.

Project Status:

The framework produced requires further development into a curriculum with input from a registered training organisation (RTO). Once the course is approved, the RTO would run it as a pilot course at a chosen location with the intention of relating the content to industry requirements. Students would be drawn from candidates and staff associated with the National Safety Regulator office and from rail industry participants looking to build future involvement with the Regulator.


A national standard for Rail Safety Investigation will be instituted across state and organisational boundaries which will both empower the next generation of inspectors and improve the efficiency of their work. The administration and costs of operation will also benefit from a uniform approach to rail incident investigation.