P4.114 National Training Curriculum for Rail

The Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC) developed a new framework of qualifications for occupational groups such as Infrastructure Workers and Rail Operators. These qualifications are aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework at Level 2 and 3. The successful implementation of the new framework requires the development of a national curriculum and training package. 

Project Status:

The units of competence and assessment outcomes developed by the TLISC have been implemented through a national training curriculum for the occupation of Rail Infrastructure Worker. This included an analysis of training needs, a revision of the training curriculum and production of materials. The new training curriculum forms a complete package for rail organisations and training providers and includes implementation workshops.


This project provided a ready-made suite of resources for use by training practitioners within the rail industry. These resources have enhanced the quality of training and development offered. As a result of training curriculum standardisation, harmonisation and portability, the rail industry will have a higher qualified workforce with an increased performance capacity.