R2.107 Development of a National Rail Safety Management Program

Rail Safety Management centres on the study of people at work and has the basic goal of increasing productivity and enhancing safety. One of the major contributions of safety management is in understanding the risk profile of rail operations. The CRC project has designed a curriculum tailored specifically to rail industry requirements, and available through distance learning, the Rail Safety Management curriculum is available both as a graduate diploma and a Masters.

Project Status:

The courses are offered through Central Queensland University, who provide information on entry requirements, course content and enrolment procedures. The core program for both courses includes subjects in human factors, occupational hygiene, safety management, risk management, rail regulation and legislation. These courses can be taken on a part-time basis with entrance dates in February and July each year.


The course learning includes distance learning and face-to-face interactions at residential schools. Graduates will possess a sophisticated set of skills and knowledge qualifying them as leaders in rail safety management, eligible for employment in the industry. Potential employment for course graduates would be as human factors specialists, consultants, researchers and safety managers.