P4.119 Developing a national mentoring and coaching framework and learning resource for rail

Mentoring and coaching are two distinct processes and practices related to human resource management. Together they form a cohesive approach to career and succession planning, performance management, supervisory capacity building, tacit knowledge transfer, workplace learning, retention and engagement and diversity management. Effective mentoring and coaching practices can increase workforce capacity and renewal, identify workplace learning and improve competencies to benefit employers and employees alike.

Project Status:

An online survey through the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) website provided data on the importance of coaching in rail. Both external and internal coaches are being used to assist with succession planning, retention and increased productivity. Mentoring relationships offer rail knowledge transfer, learning from expertise, self-development and other aspects which contribute to quality professional development.


Mentoring and coaching are improvement methods for managers which operate separately from the formal learning tradition. The research shows ways to make the most of mentoring and coaching opportunities through a practitioner handbook, frameworks, tools and tips and other helpful resources.