R2.102 Analytic Tools for Human Factors Evaluation of New In-Cab and Train Control Technologies


Rapid advancements in train control and in-cab technologies provide opportunities for rail operators to improve efficiency and enhance operations. However, new technologies are a significant form of risk. Neglect of human factors issues can mean that new technologies have unintended consequences in the work environment (particularly in the more challenging situations) leading to either rejection by users or to situations where the job is made more difficult rather than easier.


This project aims to develop a toolkit of methods that human factors specialists can use to evaluate new technologies before they are implemented in trains and other safety critical train operation related environments.


This project will provide the Australian rail industry with a standardised method to evaluate the human factors issues associated with introducing new technology. There is a high probability that this project will reduce the costs associated with introducing technology with significant usability issues.


Developing such a toolkit of methods has the potential to reduce the risk associated with introducing new technologies. It is expected that the outputs of this research will become an industry standard for the assessment of new technologies.