R1.100 Emissions Trading: developing Rail Industry Foresight (Preliminary)


All transport modes now operate in an environment where carbon emission and fuel supplies play an increasingly important role in everyday operations.
The rail industry needed to develop greater awareness of the issues surrounding the formulation and implementation of emissions so that it could play a leading role in the public and political debates surrounding these issues.


The objective of this research project, together with the following related research projects: R1.103 (Multi-Modal Transport Database and Industry Survey of Climate Change), R1.106 (Research and Macro-economic support for Climate Change issues in the Rail Industry), and R1.110 (Multi-Modal Transport Database and Industry Survey of Climate Change (other Topics – Rescoped)) was to ensure that the rail industry develops sufficient foresight with regard to political, scientific and policy trends relating to carbon trading at both a national and international level.


This preliminary project established an early understanding of whether rail, being a relatively efficient transport operator, would benefit or suffer from a national emissions trading scheme vis-à-vis competing transport modes. The project also provided preliminary advice to rail organisations regarding the general consequences of emissions trading schemes on their operations and fed into the related climate change research.


The report and outputs of this project will be used to inform the rail industry of the issues surrounding the implementation of an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) applicable to rail, and how rail could use this to its advantage in reducing transport emissions.