P4.104 Appraising the design, development and evaluation of leadership and management development in the rail industry to develop a common framework for building future capability and competence

Leadership and management training in the rail industry play a critical role in the success of day to day company operations. An early scoping report of the CRC revealed that although management training took place, there was no evidence of how such capability was assessed and evaluated. More in-depth and quantitative research was required to gain essential knowledge on the range of management capabilities being developed in the rail industry.

Project Status:

A capability framework and strategic platform have been developed to shape future leadership training, to make the rail sector an ‘industry of choice’ for the next generation of leaders and managers. Rail executives who use the platform can determine what leadership capabilities are currently being developed, how individuals view the relevance of leadership training in regard to their work roles and how to validate in-house training programs.


The platform has the potential to influence national rail leadership development. It guides HR practitioners and external training providers through best practice strategies which use a bespoke framework that caters for leaders at all levels. The platform aligns with national qualifications and readily-accessible development tools, helps to reduce cost of training and improves the consistency of training across the industry.