R3.122 Affordable Level Crossings – Stage 2

Level crossing warning systems are critical to the safe operation of rail networks globally. It is an issue that is high profile both with the general community and Government bodies. A key challenge is providing effective warning systems at low cost which will ensure adoption by rail networks.

The CRC for Rail Innovation has embarked on a Low Cost Level Crossing Warning (LCLCWD) project that could significantly reduce the cost to industry while still maintaining a high level of safety on the network. The project aims to:

• Evaluate the potential reduction in lifecycle costs of LCLCWD’s over traditional devices.
• Evaluate the safety of LCLCWD’s against set standards and develop an adoption model for the Australian rail industry.
• Trial the performance of LCLCWD’s in parallel at three locations to determine performance over traditional devices and systems.
• Investigate human factors associated with frequent or prolonged right-side failure including cross-state simulations using CARRS-Q’s1 driving simulator.

Project Status

To date, significant progress has been made and a number of key milestones have been achieved. A number of level crossing suppliers have entered into an agreement with the CRC for Rail Innovation to trial LCLCWD solutions across several states in shadow mode (data collection).
A nationally consistent set of requirements and principles for LCLCWDs adoption has been developed and will be submitted to industry participants for feedback.
The risk evaluation on the safety integrity of low-exposure level crossings is near completion. This work is a key input for the RLX Intervention Framework and Low Cost RLX Risk and Legal Evaluation projects detailed on the following pages.


The results of this project will provide a basis for the development and introduction of LCLCWD’s. This will reduce the cost of implementing and maintaining Level Crossing Warning Devices across networks, while still meeting existing safety standards.