R1.136 A Commodity Flow Analysis Tool for Non-bulk Freight on the East Coast Corridor Rail and Highway Networks as a Model for Determining Rail vs. Road Contestability


The East Coast of Australia is experiencing increasing road congestion while rail performs only a small role in the transport of general freight between the major centres on the East Coast. There is an increasing need for commodity flow analysis to better understand the types, values and economic importance of non-bulk freight movement to, from and within the East Coast corridors and the issues for contestability between rail and road.


The main objectives of the project will be to:
- Define the roadmap towards a freight transport model for Australia’s east coast.
- Create a multi-modal freight transport network for the east coast of Australia.
- Implement a sketch tool that allows analysis of the possible market share of rail for non-bulk commodities.


This project is a first step towards a multi-modal freight transport model for the east coast of Australia’s rail freight corridor. It will deliver a sketch tool which will allow for ideas generation, quick design and test of potential transport scenarios.


The creation of a sketch tool to assist with testing scenarios will be a benefit to the Rail industry when planning new routes and increasing its share of the freight transport task. If more freight is able to be moved by rail than road further benefits will include improved road congestion and increases in the environmental benefits that rail provides over road.