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Introducing ACRI - The Future of Rail Research

01 Aug 2013

At Junction 2013 David George introduced Vicki Brown, the new Executive Director of the ACRI (Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation), and advised attendees of the formation of ACRI.

For those of you who couldn’t attend Junction 2013, the details of this new research centre are below:

About ACRI

The Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation will link to the best research capability both domestically and internationally. This will be achieved by a combination of strategic research partnerships and a competitive contract system.

ACRI is to undertake or facilitate targeted, applied research to solve issues raised by Rail Industry participants or other entities whether with a commercial or public policy interest in the rail sector or transport sector more broadly, to improve the productivity and competitive position of the Australasian Rail Industry.

The Australian and New Zealand Rail Industry have established the new Research Centre, the Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation (ACRI). Both the CRC for Rail Innovation (CRC) and the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) support the establishment of the new independent research organisation.

ACRI will be transitioned into full operation during 2013/14 and officially launched at the 10th World Congress for Rail Research, in conjunction with AusRAIL PLUS, in Sydney in November of this year.


ACRI's Key Benefits & Details 

  • Will provide the Australasian Rail Industry with timely, relevant and effective applied research to support and ensure continued improvement in productivity and sustainability to underpin the competitive position of the Industry. 
  • Will help secure the legacy of the CRC for Rail Innovation and fill an important void in the area of research that will be created as the current CRC winds down. 
  • ACRI will develop and progress Agreed Work Programs and undertake responsive commissioned research. An independent Board will have oversight of the work undertaken by ACRI. 

To enhance efficiency, ACRI will be co-located with RISSB and this will facilitate easy access to the chairs of RISSB and other relevant Industry Committees and Working Groups.