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23 Jan 2014

The Evaluation of Rail Technology: A Practical Human Factors Guide discusses issues surrounding rail technology and introduces a 'toolkit' of human factors evaluation methods. The toolkit provides a practical and operationally focused set of methods that can be used by managers considering investing in technology, staff charged with implementing a technology, and consultants engaged to assist with the design and evaluation process. This toolkit can help to ensure that new rail technologies are thoughtfully designed, effectively implemented, and well received by users so that the significant investment associated with developing rail technologies is not wasted.

Hardback copies of the book are available to order online from Ashgate Publishing.


Workforce Development: Perspectives and Issues is a significant collection of scholarly research from an international team of experts in leadership, human resource management, adult education, training and workforce development. This book captures the essence of current workforce development perspectives and draws on extensive global research to uncover a range of issues confronting organisations. Taking primarily an Australian outlook after the global financial crisis and tracing the progress of a national industry sector, each chapter delves into a major area of interest for leaders. Overall, the authors make the case that workforce development is an amalgam of activities influenced by context, politics and economic development.

Hardback copies of the book are available to order online from Springer.


Both books are products of CRC for Rail Innovation research.