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Are your skills recognised?

11 Nov 2013

Skills Recognition - another way to reach your goals 

Attracting, retaining and motivating a workforce are constant strategic challenges for rail organisations.

Now, through the recently launched Skills Recognition website, a consolidated national approach has been taken to skills recognition that assists in the challenge of attracting and developing rail talent.

The Skills Recognition website is a CRC for Rail Innovation workforce development project presenting an industry tailored “Rail Skills Recognition Framework’ in an easily accessible, online version for employees, assessors and managers.

The Skills Recognition website provides an up to date, one stop shop of tools, links and information about how to conduct skills recognition safely and legally, all tailored to meet the needs of the rail industry.

Skills recognition is an assessment process by which a person’s existing skills gained through work, education and life experiences can be formally recognised towards a qualification. In short, a person’s competency to undertake a task is evaluated.

So what can skills recognition offer the rail industry?

 Reduction in training costs
 Improve staff morale and productivity
 Provide more efficient and effective training
 Identify skills and skill gaps
 Recruitment attraction and retention tool
 Make better use of what people know and can do
 Formal recognition of the skills that people have gained

As a process, skills recognition considers the needs of each individual employee. Through the use of clear and practical methods to assess employees existing skills, the engagement with and confidence in the skills recognition process can be more easily gained.

This project mapped skills recognition policies, processes and practices within and outside the rail industry; compiling a rail-specific handbook on ‘leading practice’ in skills recognition strategies; and developing a national skills recognition framework, including accompanying tools. The handbook was converted to this Skills Recognition website.
For more details, visit to find out how the skills recognition process could help your career or your organisation.


For more information, please contact Aaron Broad, Senior Adoption and Engagement Consultant.
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